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New Tax Regime can boost consumption & savings

The Budget has presented a pragmatic approach to achieve holistic and inclusive economic...

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7 priorities of Budget 2023

These seven priorities are inclusive development, reaching the last mile, infra and investment,...

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Insights into the Indian education budget 2023

Get insights into the Indian education budget 2023 for education. How the Indian government aims to...

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India's Manufacturing sector looks to be in great shape entering 2023

The Indian manufacturing sector contributes a lot to the economy. It is among the most crucial...

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G20 Delhi summit

From 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023, India will preside over the G20.

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Mission 2047: Despite Covid, India moving towards becoming the world's third largest economy

After the ups and downs caused by the Covid pandemic, the Indian economy continues to witness...

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The Indian Constitution

India, also known as Bharat, is a Union of several States. It is a Sovereign Socialist Secular...

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