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Posts in category: LIFESTYLE & WELL BEING

What is a Heat Index and why is it important to measure? Explained

Understand the importance of the heat index, or "feels-like" temperature, in assessing the impact...

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No brain BUT Jellyfish showcase surprising art of learning from mistakes

Jellyfish might not have brains like ours, but they have shown us that even the simplest nervous...

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How can women obtain adequate nutrition? Follow these healthy eating habits

Here are some essential tips for women to maintain good nutrition and overall health.

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A greener garden: A beginner's guide on how to fertilize your plants

Discover the secrets of greener garden with our gardening guide.

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What makes Himachal Pradesh the happiest state in India

Himachal Pradesh ranks first in the 2023 'The State of Happiness' survey by HappyPlus Consulting,...

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This Tamil Nadu’s Marvel is India’s 1st green energy archaeological site

India's first green energy archaeological site, the historic Shore Temple in Tamil Nadu's...

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How waiting can lead to clarity when you don't know what to do

Learn the tips and the benefits of waiting and how it can lead to clarity in decision-making.

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9 Beliefs you have to let go to find INNER PEACE

The path to inner peace by letting go of these 9 limiting beliefs. Start your journey toward a...

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