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'Industrial cannabis' cultivation in India for the first time

Six years after becoming the first state to allow large-scale industrial hemp cultivation,...

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Here are 5 Indian Agri-tech firms to keep an eye on

A small number of agri-tech startups were privately valued highly enough to become unicorns the...

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Telangana govt and IISc to create India's first agricultural data exchange

Telangana government and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have signed agreement to establish...

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KALIA scheme: Odisha govt. distributed Rs 869 crore to 41 lakh farmers under the scheme

Odisha government distributed Rs 869 crores in financial assistance to 41 lakh small and...

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Kerala govt. encouraging marigold farming in Kochi ahead of Onam season

Kerala government has begun promoting marigold flower farming among locals in advance of the Onam...

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Odisha CM Launches 2 Major Irrigation Projects, to benefit Over 2.5 Lakh Farmers

Odisha CM inaugurated two major irrigation projects in Mayurbhanj district which will benefit over...

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Kerala Village Creates Its Own ‘Green Army’ to Improve Agriculture

A local panchayat in Ker village (Kerala) has formed its own "green army" to promote agriculture...

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Tamil Nadu Kisan Mela brings attention to Value of Water Conservation

Farmers were educated on the value of water conservation in the current environment on July 28 at...

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