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A startup sprays fertilizer over 4,000 acres using drones, a great initiative

SkyLane Dronetech, a drone technology startup, announced on Thursday that it has used a drone to...

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ITC brought agricultural solution for farmers; Launched ‘ITC MAARS’ app

ITC launched the ‘ITC MAARS’ app, which offer agricultural solutions to farmers and providing...

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To boost agricultural exports, the center has created a matrix for 50 agricultural products with high export potential

Despite logistical challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as high freight rates and...

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PM Kisan Yojana: The 11th installment will be released this week by the government

PM Kisan's next instalment could be released at any time now by the government

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India will export wheat to worldwide; will send trade delegates to 9 countries

India is going to explore the possibilities of wheat export abroad and will send trade delegates to...

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Hope of growing plants on Moon increased, grown plants in lunar soil successfully

For the first time, Scientists have grown plants in the soil brought back from the moon by...

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pvc पाइप्स में सब्जियाँ उगाने की अनोखी तरकीब

अपर्याप्त जगह एक कारण है कि लोग घर पर...

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The Chief Minister of Odisha distributes Rs 800 crore in financial aid to 40 lakh farmers

On Akshaya Tritiya day, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik released Rs 800 crore in financial help to 40...

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