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CBSE was named the winner of the Digital India Awards for 2022

CBSE has been recognized for its efforts in making India a digitally empowered, secure, and...

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How can STEM education impact a child's growth?

STEM education is essential for change and child development. STEM curricula emphasize analytical,...

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Why are educational institutions adopting the use of digital boards in the classrooms?

Combined education is becoming the norm. It combines traditional classroom instruction with online...

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Students at IISc Bangalore develop air filters that kill germs using green tea ingredients

Being hailed as among the most unique developments of the year, this new development has the...

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University Grants Commission will translate higher education books into tribal languages

The central government is implementing radical reforms to integrate tribal languages into...

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States Should Train School Teachers In Teaching Hygiene Education To Children: Centre

India is dealing with hygiene and sanitation problems. That's why it is high time to impart...

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Social Education in Schools: Its Significance

Here are the three widely acknowledged goals of all education: educating students for future jobs,...

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