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Good News for Govt job Aspirants, Another Book Launched on Telangana’s history

According to Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, significant progress has been made in Telangana's...

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MBBS in Hindi will now available in Atal University

Referring to National Education Policy, Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah announced...

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Have you ever noticed yellow strips on train coaches? What they indicate!

There will be many such symbols made on the train which you would never have paid attention to. We...

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Do you know about Rajasthan’s treasure trove? An Asia’s biggest hidden library!

How many of you are aware of Rajasthan's underground library, hidden deep in the Thar Desert? Yes,...

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Meet Andhra science teacher, been honoured from President of India as a best teacher

On the occasion of Teachers' Day celebrations in New Delhi, this Andhra Pradesh teacher received...

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