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by admin

Date & Time: Jan 21, 2021 12:01 AM

Read Time: 2 minute

Keep a 90-day challenge for spiritual practice and see what it can do to you. It will transform your life. That doesn’t mean that after these three months, you take a vacation. Spiritual practices don’t end, they are never-ending. Also, spread the spiritual message.

We are not a religious organization. All kinds of people from many different faiths come here; we have abhyasis from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Europe, etc. There are Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims. We believe that religion divides society, a brother from brother. Spirituality unites societies. 

The God in Hinduism is the same God in Islam and the same God in Christianity. There are not many Gods. He is the only one, we have given different names. If you see the DNA structure of a Hindu and a Muslim in India, it is the same. Their circumstances made them follow a different religion or path. You don’t know under what situation their great, great, great grandparents would have changed to a belief system, what motivated or forced them to do it. We don’t know those situations. So, it is best not to criticize. We can sympathize with everyone and follow the heart’s dictum where we are all sisters and brothers, doesn’t matter from which part of the world we come from

Heartfulness, to me, is a melting pot of humanity. 

Brighter Mind, a program that we teach children, is a disruption in the field of education. Often, we wonder about disruption and label it as the wrong thing. But sometimes, disruptions can be very good. Disruption changes the age-old traditional beliefs or systems. Let me give you a small example: remember those days when you had the big box phone with wires, then came the wireless phones, then came the cell phones, right? And now we have smartphones. Smartphones have almost made cameras redundant. Right? Many other things have become redundant because of these smartphones. Similarly, in the music industry after gramophone records came tape recorders, and then came CDs, now we have the pen drives and iPods. Technology has disrupted the already existing system, which is good.

Brighter Mind program, my heart says, will disrupt the entire education system. It is just a matter of time. It is also a revolution in the field of yoga where consciousness can sit very easily. If you have meditated or somebody who has meditated for so many years, ask that person to meditate once with transmission or pranahuti. It will immediately change his consciousness in one session itself. 

Our Heartfulness way is also a kind of disruption in the field of yoga and I wholeheartedly invite you to experiment and spread this divine message.

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