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by Sai Shruti

Date & Time: Mar 02, 2022 6:08 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

In one of its kind initiative, the Delhiites have found a way to build the home garden through the swapping method. The unique swapping method is all about exchanging the seeds or stems of the plants with like-minded people.
The plant lovers have formed a group in which they perform various swapping activities. The people can share pictures and descriptions of their plants, and those having an interest in them can ask for the seeds or the stems. Through this swapping method, people are building their home garden more beautifully by collecting different species of plants from their fellow mates.

Swap don’t buy

Plant exchanges are becoming increasingly popular around the world; Indian city dwellers are also considering the exchange. Plant enthusiasts meet up in person or via mail at such gatherings to exchange seeds or stem cuttings of various plant species. With the help of social media platforms, such as WhatsApp groups, people exchange pictures and descriptions of their plants.

Mediums to share a common interest

The WhatsApp group named 'Plant Family Delhi-NCR’ was founded in early 2020. The group is constantly flooded with photographs and descriptions of plants. In reality, such groups perform as a platform for enthusiasts to unwind and network with others who share a common interest.
Other groups on social media that serve as a networking platform for phytophiles are such as 'Plant Swap'—a pan-India WhatsApp group—and 'Sow & Grow' on Facebook, in addition to the 'Plant Family Delhi-NCR’ group.

"Sharing plants is sharing happiness."

Many of these social media platforms have also succeeded in creating a sense of community among plant enthusiasts. Aside from the pleasure of adding new plants to their gardens, such associations allow members to form bonds with other plant lovers.
 Nitin Goyal, co-admin of 'Plant Family Delhi-NCR says, "The group is all about the joy of sharing plants, as well as meeting and interacting with like-minded people,". Further, he continues by emphasizing the phrase "sharing plants is sharing happiness."

Swapping activities for plant lovers

"There comes a point in a gardener's life when they don't want to buy any more plants. They intend to grow them from seed or stem cuttings. This is why we organize swapping activities," says Goyal. In the swapping activities, people exchange the seeds and stems of the plants with someone they share common interests with.

Cost-effective way

Swapping is also seen to be a better option than purchasing plants from nurseries. "Plant merchants and nurseries frequently deceive you. Plants purchased from them usually die within a few weeks. "You can guarantee the quality of the plant by swapping," Chandhok explains. Plant swapping, according to Puri and Chandhok, is a cost-effective way to add new species to one's garden.

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