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by admin

Date & Time: Jan 21, 2021 12:01 AM

Read Time: 2 minute

We are known as manush, which translates to man. Both these words have their roots in the Sanskrit word ‘man’. Manush is the one whose manas is balanced. It is not enough that we have manas, it is not enough to have a mind; unless we have a balanced mind, which is meditative, we cannot enter the category of manushya. You are still man or woman, with three basic chakras –muladhara, swadhisthana and manipura, but your hridaya chakra remains to be opened. When it is fully open, and when you can converse with your kanta chakra ably with sweetness in conversations, affection oozes out from your heart and words are regulated with affection. This is when we begin to move towards our human side. And when we transcend this, we truly cross this pindpradesh or the physical limitations and enter the cosmic vision where theBrahmanda region begins. In this Brahmandamandal you transcend human qualities and become angelic. This is possible through the Heartfulness approach. 

When we meditate regularly, not only in the morning but also applying the same technique in the evening for the cleaning process, we are using manas.

If you remove sweetness from a sweet, the intrinsic value of the sweet will be gone, isn’t it? Likewise, if you remove the balanced state of the mind from a person, his humanity will be lost. We have to bring it back, not only in ourselves but also in others. So why not send out good vibrations instead?

We have been given information, not only in the field of religion but also in the field of education. We gather lots of information. Let me give you an example: when you are digging a well, you dig forthirty feet, forty feet, fifty feet, sixty feet, seventy feet, and water doesn’t come. You finally get tired and then what do you do? When the rain comes, we divert the water and fill up the so-called well. It is not a real well. From here we take out water as needed. Our mind is also like that. We gather information like rainwater filling the well and as required we take the information out. When you dig deep enough, when you go 500 feet, maybe 400 feet, and find the source of water, we don’t have to keep on pouring water from outside all the time. This is the ideal situation for studentsand teachers as well.

We have to reach the state where all the knowledge can come from within us.This does not mean that you close your eyes and gain the knowledge of atomic science. When we get the information of atomic science or pollution control or memorize the Quran or the Gita, it is okay. Thisis all information, but the heart will tell you whether you should absorb it or not, imbibe it or not. This is a crucial point. The heart will always tell you the right thing,whether something is good for you or not.

How many times have youfound yourself at a crossroads in life? What should I study in the tenth grade? What should I do after twelfth standard? Whoshould I marry? These are crucial decisions in life, and the heart will always guide us in the right direction. 

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