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by Sai Shruti

Date & Time: Feb 24, 2022 11:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute


  • Varad was being diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder.
  • Rahul generously provided Rs 31 lakh for the surgery.
  • Varad underwent surgery and is recovering at this time.
Act of kindness! KL Rahul’s generous gesture is winning the hearts of many around the world. He has recently come forward to extend his hand to a budding cricketer to support his treatment in urgent bone marrow transplant (BMT). Mumbai native Varad dreams of wearing an India cricket jersey. Somehow, his medical conditions were not letting him fulfill his dreams in many ways. The fifth standard schoolboy was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder.

Varad was suffering from a rare blood disorder

Varad is being treated by hematologists at Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital since September 2021. He was being diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder. Varad's blood platelet counts were exceedingly low, putting his immune system vulnerable to infections. Even a simple fever might take months to cure. Varad's illness could only be cured permanently with a bone marrow transplant.

Dream to wear an Indian jersey

The middle-class family had run out of money, with his father even emptying his provident fund assets to pay for Varad's rising medical expenditures to keep his son's cricket aspirations alive. He even purchased his 11-year-old kid a nice cricket bat for his birthday to cheer up Varad and offer the aspiring young player some hope.

Started crowdfunding campaign for Varad’s treatment

Varad's father, Sachin Nalawade works as an insurance agent whereas his mother, Swapna Jha is a housewife. His parent’s launched a crowdfunding campaign on GiveIndia in December to gather the Rs 35 lakh they needed for their son's treatment. To support the parents to cure their son, K L Rahul came forward and extended his hand for help.

Rahul supported Varad in his treatment

As soon as Rahul and his team got to know about Varad’s situation, they tried to reach out to them. Rahul generously provided Rs 31 lakh towards the Rs 35 lakhs required. Varad underwent surgery and is recovering at this time.

"When I learned about Varad's condition, I immediately contacted Give India to see how we could support him. I'm relieved that the procedure went well and that he's doing well. I hope Varad can get back on his feet as soon as possible and achieve his goals. I wish that my contribution encourages other individuals to step forward and help those in need” Rahul was quoted as saying in a release.

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