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by Juhi Tripathi

Date & Time: Feb 04, 2022 9:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute


  • Meghalaya Chief Minister recently inaugurated The Shillong Technology Park.
  • The goal is to re-integrate Meghalayans who have left the state.
  • The park will provide new job possibilities for the state's youth.

What is in the News?

The Shillong Technology Park was recently inaugurated by Meghalaya Chief Minister Shri Conrad Sangma. The major goal is to re-integrate Meghalayans who have left the state in pursuit of work. In addition, the park will provide new job possibilities for the state's youth.

Features of the Park

Incubation centres will be supported by the park. These centres will collaborate with both the government and the private sector. Companies from all across the country, as well as companies from other countries, have been invited to open their facilities at the park by the state government.

Park to use ISP approach

The park is built on a plug-and-play model. The state government is already implementing an ISP strategy to improve the state's infrastructure. The park will be developed in the same way. Infrastructure, Services, and People are the three components of an ISP. To put it another way, set up the infrastructure. Provide the services that are requested. People must be empowered in order to reap the benefits.

Funding of the park

The Meghalaya State Government will fund the initial phase of construction. For following phases, the park will use a public-private partnership model.

How will the park benefit the state?

Seventy percent of Meghalaya's population is under the age of 35. The IT industry has a lot of potential. In the state, there is a significant demographic dividend. This will make it easier to put young people's abilities to work in the IT industry.

The park's goal

The park's principal goal is to provide a variety of job opportunities for the state's children. They should not consider leaving the state in search of better chances. Meghalaya is currently constructing five-star hotels and other urban luxury facilities. The first freight train arrived in the state lately. This will create the ideal environment for the IT sector's growth.

The park's requirements

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, half of the world's workforce will require reskilling. This is primarily due to technological advancements. Furthermore, job automation and the pandemic are causing more economic shocks. This chasm will be filled by the tech park.

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