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by Sai Shruti

Date & Time: Dec 03, 2021 9:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

Brilliancy needs no age. At a small age, a boy from Kerala has gained worldwide recognition for his brilliancy. The 7-year-old Noel Alexander has entered the India Book of Records. He has got this achievement for recognizing 120 logos in just less than 4 minutes.

Accomplishment of young brilliant star
Noel has been entered into the India Book of Records for identifying the countries of origin of 120 worldwide firms in 3 Min 40 Sec. He recognized them by merely looking at their official logos. Neol also holds an Asia Book of Records title for the same accomplishment. The class I student, Neol is also interested in tracking the stock prices and market capitalization of these companies.

The story of uniqueness!
Noel, being familiar with stock exchanges and mutual funds at such a young age might appear skeptical. However, he has always had a keen interest in these topics, says his parent. Whenever his father, Cebu Alexander used to discuss business terminologies with his clients, Noel used to be curious to know more in depth about it. He would take the names of MNCs and inquire about them.
His parents discovered he had a unique talent when he was six years old. Noel’s parent encouraged him to learn about various companies and famous people. His parents also helped him to know how they affect society and the economy.

Brilliancy in various dimensions
Noel is also competent about crypto currency and trading. Furthermore, he is well-versed in mutual funds and the stock exchange. Noel is now focusing heavily on learning more about the Nifty and the Sensex. Aside from learning these, he enjoys singing and watching cricket which is one of his favorite sports.

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