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by Juhi Tripathi

Date & Time: Dec 01, 2021 9:00 AM

Read Time: 2 minute

The Nagaland Police is now only a ring away from their natives. The Director-General of Police (DGP) Nagaland, police chief Longkumer, released the “Call your Cop” cellular application on the Police headquarters (PHQ) in Kohima.

About the app
The Indian Police at Your Call app is a GIS map-based interface for finding police stations near your location so that citizens can easily "reach" police stations in an emergency. The app displays the citizen's current location on the map, along with details such as location names, streets, and major attractions.
 The app can dynamically call and update all police stations near the citizen's whereabouts on a regular basis. The app also offers the option to "tap" each of these police stations and know the route and road distance to get there. The police station, district control room, and police station contact information are also displayed.
 Citizens can choose one of these numbers and call from the app for immediate help. This app has the ability to show details of police stations in other locations so you can find out more about nearby police stations without having to go to such locations.

Modern technology to rescue civilians
Manoj Kumar, IPS, Superintendent (Crime), stated that modern technology has turn out to be an important device for the police to serve the human beings. In order to prevent the crimes and provide services to the citizens new technology plays vital role in the society . According to him these two must be the priority of the state police.
 Kumar stated that the cellular utility is the maximum crucial initiative through the Nagaland police because it objectives to bridge the distance among the police and the citizens. The cellular utility is now available at the Google Play store for Android customers and soon will be available for IOS users as well.

Following the launch, officer Longkumer said that the App will enable all citizens, especially those under stress to induce in grips with the police easily.
Being a less area state, he said that the Nagaland police is maintaining with modernization. He informed that mobile handsets with designated mobile numbers are going to be distributed to the cops, especially those on the sphere, to attach with the people over the phone through the App.

He said that the mobile application has been developed with high-security provisions and can be difficult to hack. Citing the emergency response number 112, which was launched earlier, he said that the decision volume had declined after few months after its launch.
In this regard, the officer urged the people to succeed in intent on the police through the user-friendly application, further seeking the cooperation of the citizens.
The launch of “Call your Cops-Nagaland Police”, he said, may be a beginning towards interactive communication between the cops and therefore the people.

Significant features of Call your cop
 The various features of the app includes-
 Tourist tips
Nearest police station and search.
 This app can be easily downloaded from google store on any android phone users mobile.

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