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by Sai Shruti

Date & Time: Nov 29, 2021 9:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

Maritime security necessitates collaboration for a smooth functioning. One nation, one coast guard cannot accomplish much. Thus, various exercises are performed between nations for better defense system.
The 15th edition of exercise ‘Dosti’ began on 20th Nov 2021. The biennial trilateral exercise involved India, Maldives and Sri Lanka. The coast guard exercise was held for 5 days at Maldives. These exercises aid countries in their joint operations and missions.
The Indian Coast Guard vessels ICGS Vajra and ICGS Apoorva, as well as the Sri Lanka Coast Guard vessel SLCGS Suraksha, arrived in the Maldives for the exercise.

Aim of Trilateral exercise
The Dosti exercise aims to enhance friendships and mutual operational capabilities between India, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka. It will also aid in the development of interoperability and coordination between the coast guards of these countries.

Background of ‘Dosti Exercise’
The first of these exercises was held in 1991. This year marked the 30 years since their inception. These exercises were bilateral in nature. Earlier both the Indian and Maldives Coast Guards were involved in this . However, for the first time in 2012, Sri Lanka participated in these exercises.

Importance & Scope of exercise
• In case of a maritime accident, or ecological disaster, the exercise will be beneficial.
• These exercises help develop a better understanding of the other nation’s coast guard operations
• It enhances coordination during different kinds of missions.
• If we look at the Maldives and Sri Lanka, both are strategically important to New Delhi and its maritime security interests.

Four pillars of security cooperation
This year in August, India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives agreed to work on the "four pillars" of security cooperation. The virtual meeting was held between the top security officials. These included maritime security, human trafficking, counter-terrorism, and cyber security.

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