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India Is Restoring Temples In Foreign Countries Now!

by Riya Mishra

Date & Time: Jan 23, 2023 8:00 PM

Read Time: 3 minute

External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar spills the beans on the national temple restoration movement in Cambodia.

India is restoring The Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia. The Indian government has taken upon itself the responsibility and joy of restoring temples relevant to Indian civilization.

In a statement addressing this, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said that

“The Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia is being restored by India because our civilization is not limited to India, but is spread across countries.”

Mr. Jaishankar also added in a dialogue with the ‘Kashi Tamil Sangamam’ that "There are temples not only in India, not only in the Indian subcontinent but in many regions beyond."

This is rather wonderful for the Indian subcontinent, as proof of mass dispersion and ancient intercontinental relations can bring about much harmony.

Speaking of the temple restoration in Cambodia, the Minister added

“I had gone with the Vice President to see the biggest temple in the world—the Angkor Wat temple complex. We are restoring and renovating the temples in Angkor Wat. 
These are contributions which we are making outside because the civilization of India has gone beyond India,"

India has lent a helping hand even to Nepal in the reconstruction of temples post a massive earthquake in 2015. The natural calamity had not spared any ancient temple and most of the heritage sites were ruined. India has been very forthcoming in helping Nepal back on its feet.

While speaking of national efforts in helping Nepal, Mr. Jaishankar said “We have committed $50 million for restoration of cultural heritage in Nepal."

India’s temple restoration is a global movement

According to the Indian external affairs minister, Indian heritage temples are scattered across the globe. And rightly so.

Speaking of how globally connected India’s esteemed past is and the Shrinath Jee Temple in Bahrain, Mr. Jaishankar revealed that "All these were established by our people when they went out. It is a matter of pride for us that we are building a temple in UAE, and that we got approval to build a temple in Bahrain. We have done a lot of work in Vietnam."

"So, how do we today take our culture out, take our values, our philosophy, our way of life, and share it with the rest of the world through activities outside? We are very committed in the foreign ministry to do that.

In a heartwarming statement, Mr, Jaishankar revealed that many Indians living abroad are doing what the government is doing privately. He said, “We also support what people of India are doing outside … There are more than 1,000 temples in the US,"

Efforts to support Indian Living abroad

The Minister also added that this act was a way of supporting and encouraging the 3.5 crore Indians living abroad.

He said, "So, it is also our efforts today to support them, and we do it in different ways."

It was also divulged to the audience that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged ₹200 crores to build a Ramayan Circuit in Nepal,

This was an initiative to ensure all Indians have the opportunity to visit their heritage in close quarters.

Other countries that India is helping with temple restoration

"Even in Sri Lanka, we restored the Thiruketheeswaram Temple in Mannar. This temple was closed for 12 years. So the fact that we took interest, made efforts, has made it possible for the revival of that temple," said Mr. jaishankar.

Thiruketheeswaram Temple is a heritage site and landmark temple. It is one of the five sacred Ishwarams dedicated wholly to Lord Shiva. The temple is greatly revered by Shiva followers throughout the Indian subcontinent.

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