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Appointments: Time Management Tips While Being at Home

by Prosenjit bhattacharya

Date & Time: Jan 21, 2023 11:00 AM

Read Time: 4 minute

What would ensue if your home life was better organized than it is now? Is it possible to own a work-life balance? What tools do we have at our command? Could keeping appointments at home and scheduling them help us save time and prioritise?

What is the problem we are facing? We sometimes find that time spent at home is the busiest, especially in these times. Consider someone who works from home, homeschools their children, and occasionally does a side hustle. Consider a full-time home-based entrepreneur. How do they manage to get everything done in a day? We live in an era when many entrepreneurs and even corporate employees have adopted a work-from-home culture. As the lines between home and work become more blurred, this presents new challenges. Because of these blurred lines and constraints on the limited resource known as time, people become overworked, under-rested, and burnt-out. While good time management has been encouraged and even embraced in the workplace, we believe more needs to be done to change the mindset in order to achieve the elusive work-life balance.

What tools do we have at our service? Many interventions can be used to effectively manage time at home, such as setting goals for the day, prioritizing wisely, setting a time limit for each task, organizing oneself, and instituting appointment discipline. Yes, a home appointment!

We can spend time debating the pros and cons of each intervention, but we believe we should focus on appointments and see how they can dramatically alter the course of one's day, whether it's a workday or a weekend. Without any interruptions, life is already hectic. The question is how to deal with the person who announces their arrival at the gate. These could be friends, neighbors, or a salesperson for a product you don't even need. We are not advocating for regimentation here, but rather a culture of filling your day with what matters. Everything we achieve is the result of careful planning and execution. We are a firm believer that you cannot manage time unless you manage yourself, so we implore you to include planning and appointments in your repertoire. We are not referring to something we don't do. We have a lot to get done in a day, so we make appointments with our work, others, and myself.

Could keeping appointments on the home front and scheduling them help us save time and prioritise? While we have established that setting and keeping appointments is standard business practise, we must abandon the liberal open-door policy of allowing anyone and everyone to come and go as they please at home. Please understand our point of view. We all have greatness within us, but in order to achieve it, we must cultivate great habits.

Using appointments at home and seeing only those people you have agreed to see eliminates unnecessary encounters, especially during the most productive hours. We understand that this will vary depending on culture, geographical region, or even level of affluence, as well as whether you live in a low or high-density residential area, but it does not negate the need to be organized and effective. Controlling access determines how organized you are, as well as how well you will work and rest when the time comes.

What should we do differently? We must be disciplined and diligent; we must learn to say no; now is not the time; let us schedule an appointment for next week. What are the advantages of this method? You are not always fighting fires to meet deadlines, nor are you always exhausted because you have not taken time to rest. You have allotted sufficient time to spend with your loved ones or a loved one. We are sure you understand what we are saying if you are a busy person. Whether it's uninterrupted work time, family time, or "me-time," it takes some planning to enjoy it.

We are not saying that those who arrive unexpectedly are bad people. No, they are most likely people you enjoy spending time with. Nonetheless, prior communication is required so that you can attend to your visitor(s) when it is convenient for both you and them. It can be quite disruptive, and an entire day can pass by without you accomplishing anything that you had planned to do.

As we get older, we realise that rest and recovery must be scheduled. The fact that we are unwinding does not imply that we have nothing to do. As a result, just because you are at home does not mean you are available. Perhaps you have set aside that time to rest. That is significant. You must schedule time for yourself; spouses must also schedule time for each other. Parents must make time to spend with their children. When you have some sort of order in your life, you can control who sees you and who sees you. It also means that your relationships will be healthy, which will make you happier.

Finally, we believe that work-life balance is achievable. As in the workplace, we have a plethora of tools at our service. We believe we could accomplish more and be happier if we were more disciplined in making only commitments we could keep. Setting appointments and keeping them at home will undoubtedly help us save time and prioritise.

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