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The Booming Gaming Industry is Fostering the Development of Talent Pool

by Prosenjit bhattacharya

Date & Time: Jan 20, 2023 9:00 AM

Read Time: 2 minute

According to a survey by TeamLease Digital, the industry is anticipated to expand by another 20% to 30% and create 100,000 new direct and indirect jobs by FY23 in fields like game development and engineering. This indicates that the industry is working extra hard to guarantee it has a consistent supply of qualified individuals by establishing its own academies and collaborating with the government and universities.

Train the Trainer

According to its chief executive Manvendra Shukul, Lakshya Digital, one of India's oldest game design firms, is trying to independently establish training academies and start trial programmes with the National Skills Development Council. We are attempting to establish "train the trainer" academies, which will enable us to reach a wider audience, the man according to a statement. Lakshya is also in discussions with a number of colleges about incorporating some of the necessary skills into their curricula so that graduates only require a little amount of additional training before they can begin working.

Opportunity for 70,000 Engineers

The shortage of skills is a problem for the global gaming industry, which needs about 70,000 engineers globally. Creating trained talent, he said, is important to attract more global game development studios to India.

The opportunity to earn a living from gaming has expanded multi-fold in recent years, said Rajan Navani, chairman, JetSynthesys, a gaming and digital entertainment firm. 

The shortage of skills is a problem for the global gaming industry, which needs about 70,000 engineers globally. He believes that developing trained talent is critical to attracting more global game development studios to India.

According to Rajan Navani, chairman of JetSynthesys, a gaming and digital entertainment firm, the opportunity to make a living from gaming has multiplied in recent 
years. Most businesses now have their own programmes in place to train and upskill their employees. Lakshya has been operating its training academy for over a decade.

To Employ Approximately 200,000 people by FY24.

"Talent is in high demand in this sector right now, and there are opportunities to train and skill more people," Navani said. According to the TeamLease report, the sector will employ approximately 200,000 people by FY24.

50,000 and 80,000 Job Openings

According to the report, there are between 50,000 and 80,000 job openings for developers, programmers, testers/artists, and customer service representatives. "With 480 million gamers, India is the world's second-largest gaming market after China. To address this growth, employment in the sector is going to significantly increase. "Today, we have a 90% Millennial and Gen-Z workforce, and the majority of these professionals want to work in emerging industries like gaming," said Munira Loliwala, TeamLease 
Digital's business head-specialized staffing.

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