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Date & Time: Nov 24, 2021 10:00 AM

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Scientists have designed the world's first smart bandage. With the help of this bandage , it will be possible to find out the kind of bacteria infecting the wound. It will also measure the amount of moisture in it .It is also capable of telling the reason behind the swelling and temperature of the body. It takes approximately 15 minutes to sent the information to the smart bandage user’s mobile app.

Get live updates of wound
Scientists from the National University Singapore, the developers of the smart bandage, says that with the help of the sensor which are installed in it, the condition and update of serious wounds will reach the user through the mobile app. This will boost up the speed and provide accurate information about the wound.
Lim Chiwi Tek, the Researcher of the National University of Singapore says that we are working closely associated with the Singapore General Hospital on this project. This unique and smart bandage has been named as ‘V-Care’ .

Why there is need of this bandage?
Researchers say, the population is aging rapidly. Many people are suffering from Diabetes and leg ulcers that make wound difficult to heal. In such situations, recovery can be accelerated by keeping a close eye on the wound.
The sensor in the bandage indicates how much water and moisture the wound carries. It also tells how much care it needs. The medical report of the wound can be easily received on the mobile app with the help of the bandage . This report can be sent to the doctor. This will save the time of the doctor as well as patient from going to the clinic again and again.

No need to wait for days!
The research report published in the journal Science Advances says, currently wound treatment is done by just watching and analyzing the cut/injury . Tests are not available to test the wound on the spot. The sample of the wound is sent to the lab for further examination and this process takes almost one to two days to prepare the final report. But now there is no need to wait for two days because of this new bandage . The new flexible sensor bandage is also capable of detecting the level of oxygen and uric acid in the wound and the real cause of inflammation.

Know how Smart bandage 'V-care' prepared
This bandage is made up of many things. It is made up of a contact layer that stays in direct contact with the wound, moisture-wicking wound fluid collector, flexible sensor and electronic chip. The sensor and chip in the bandage notify the updates of the wound to the patient's mobile app. The chip in the bandage has a rechargeable battery inserted in it . It can be charged repeatedly.

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