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How to Be a Wise Leader?

by Prosenjit bhattacharya

Date & Time: Jan 11, 2023 1:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

Everyone has room for improvement, no matter how well-intentioned, skilled, or committed they are to being a good leader.

We firmly believe that in order to become the best leader one can be and a lot WISER one, one must want to be and be willing to listen and learn effectively. Considering this aspect, this article will make an effort to quickly assess, study, review, and discuss, using the scientific approach, what this means, why it matters, and why one must persevere with endurance, tenacity, and a willingness to proceed, proactively.

1. Whole; The W's (questions needing to be asked); wisdom:

Wouldn't organizations be better served and represented if/when leaders had better training, understood how to plan effectively, and possessed the attitude, aptitude, state-of-mind, endurance, persistence, self-confidence, and pertinent knowledge and expertise, hopefully, as well as the potential to acquire knowledge and meaningful wisdom? The big picture must be carefully examined by great leaders. They must ask the pertinent questions, such as what are known as The W's, such as who should be in their inner circle and why, what are their priorities both now and in the future, when well-considered action was required, etc.

2. Integrity; ideals/ ideology; insights; imagination; innovation; ideas:

Without unwavering integrity, a person is not ready for prime time! A relevant, thoughtful imagination, the bravery to innovate (when necessary), excellent insights, and principles that are consistent with the philosophy of the particular organisation are the qualities that make the biggest difference.

3. Service; lasting solutions; power/strengthening:

Making a change for the better and planning properly requires meaningful service and representation. A true leader must be able to recognise the group's and his own capabilities and make appropriate use of them to strengthen the organisation and its stakeholders. Leaders with wisdom move forward with the best, most long-lasting solutions rather than settling for "good enough"!

4. Empathy; emphasis; efforts; excellence; endurance; enrich:

To truly develop empathy and go forward with their emphasis appropriately, it involves excellent listening and learning from every interaction and encounter. A person can start to improve his company when his efforts are directed toward excellence and he has the stamina to make a quality difference.

5. Relevant; realistic; reasoning/ rationale; (do what's) right; responsive; responsibilities:

Taking decisions is pointless unless/until they are actually pertinent! One cannot afford to say they are optimistic, but that they are without rose-colored glasses! 

Consistently doing what is right and being receptive to both the demands and priorities of the present and the future require realistic, positive reasoning and a grasp of one's own reasoning! Assume personal duties, comprehend them, and demand the highest level of personal quality, service, and representation from those you are leading!

Well, now, are you ready and willing to take on the role of a WISER leader?

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