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5 Plants that grow well in Sandy Soil

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Nov 15, 2022 8:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

When it comes to growing a garden in sandy soil, don't the options seem a little limited? That is where we go wrong. There are many plants that thrive in sandy soil, including flowering plants, herbs, vegetables, and even beans.

Sandy soil drains well, is easier to dig in, and warms up faster in the spring than clay soils, so plants grow faster in sandy soil. However, because it does not retain water or nutrients for long, not all plants have adapted to this relatively uncommon soil.

Here are 5 plants that have made a home out of the sand soil:


This beautiful and fragrant flowering plant originated in the dry, rocky hills of the Meditteranean basin and is not just tolerant of sandy soil but actually requires great drainage which is provided by sandy soils. This plant is popular among farmers as it brings in good money and cultivating lavender is a profitable business. If you planning to plant one (or ten!) in your garden, make sure the plant gets full sun and only enough water to establish the roots in the soil.


This herb thrives in dry, sandy soil and never needs to be watered once its roots have established. It is ideal for late winter because that is when it blooms.


Mimosa or silk tree is a lovely pink flowering, fast-growing deciduous tree, one of the best growers in sandy soil. Only taking 5-7 years to mature, this shade tree is the perfect addition to your garden.


The delicious tuber can easily survive in sandy soil as they require salinity and porous and well-draining soil. The one struggle you could face here is that the soil has too much drainage so make sure the plants get enough water.


Beans become diseased when kept in wet soil for an extended period of time, so sandy soil is best in their case. Sandy soil is well-drained and porous, as well as slightly acidic in pH. Because of these characteristics, sandy soil is the best soil for growing beans.

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