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Date & Time: Nov 06, 2021 10:00 AM

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Madhopatti Village, Officer’s village of India. Wondering what’s unique about this village? Madhopatti is a village in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh. The village is famous as 'Officers Village'. It is said that only IAS and IPS officers are born in this village. There are around 47 IAS in the entire village with 75 houses. These officers serve in different parts of the country including Uttar Pradesh. People from this village started going to administrative services even before independence.

Officer’s village of India
Every year millions of aspirants fight for civil service examinations, but only few are the lucky ones to achieve the position. Madhopatti village in UP is known for number of officers it has given to the nation. Almost every house in this village has some IAS and PCS officer. Not only in the administrative services, but the promising people who came out of the village are holding high positions in institutions like Bhabha Atomic Centre, ISRO, Manila and International Bank.

Daughters-in-law are also contributing to the village
Not only the sons of Madhopatti village, the daughters and daughters-in-law have also enhanced the value of the village. Asha Singh (1980), Usha Singh (1982), Indu Singh (1983) and Sarita Singh (1994) have been selected as the IPS officers. Apart from this, daughters-in-law of the village have also got jobs in different parts of the country.

First officer of the village
Even before independence, the process of joining the administrative services of the people of Madhopatti village had started. In 1914, Mohammad Mustafa Hussain became the Deputy Collector, who was the father of famous poet Wamik Jaunpuri. At the same time, after independence, in 1952, Indu Prakash Singh became the first IAS officer of the village, who was ambassador to many countries including France. Whereas, Vinay Kumar Singh was the Chief Secretary of Bihar in 1955.

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