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‘Kabaad Se Jugaad’ in UP Finds Mention in PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Sep 26, 2022 12:10 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

On September 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned Uttar Pradesh's novel initiative, 'Kabaad Se Jugaad,' in the 93rd episode of 'Mann Ki Baat.'

The Prime Minister praised the campaign to beautify public spaces in an environmentally friendly manner using waste such as iron scrap, plastic waste, old tyres, and drums at a low cost.

Terming the Yogi Adityanath government’s initiative in the state as a perfect example of protection of the environment as well as beautification of the city, Modi said, “The campaign is also an example of how to beautify public places at low cost. I appreciate all people involved in this campaign from the core of my heart.”

About the campaign

Realising the vision of the state government to beautify cities, the Meerut Municipal Corporation (MMC) launched a campaign to illuminate Meerut and named it ‘Kabaad Se Jugaad’.

According to civic commissioner Amit Pal Sharma, the campaign demonstrates how public spaces can be beautified at a low cost. Waste and discarded items such as iron scrap, plastic waste, old tyres, and drums are being used to decorate the city.

He also stated that artificial light trees, barricading from waste wheels of hand carts, mini wheel parks, display walls made from old JCB tyres, and stool tables for sitting in the parks were installed at the circuit house intersection. The city was decorated in a beautiful, unique way by using low-cost items, presenting a'model' before others.

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