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Great initiative by Meesho, 11-day ‘Reset and Recharge’ break

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Sep 23, 2022 9:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute


• Meesho announced 11-day break for employees.
• The initiative will allow employees to focus on their mental health.
• The initiative called Reset and Recharge.

Meesho, an e-commerce platform, has announced an 11-day company-wide break for its employees, in a rare but welcome move. That's right, you read that correctly. 

According to the company's website, the "Reset and Recharge" break will allow employees to completely disconnect from work and prioritise their mental health.

Sanjeev Barnwal, founder and CTO of Meesho, posted about it on Twitter. For the second year in a row, the theme "Reset and Recharge" has been announced. The initiative was launched in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance. From October 22 to November 1, 2022, the company will be closed.

"We’ve announced an 11-day company-wide break for a second consecutive year! Keeping the upcoming festive season & the significance of #WorkLifeBalance in mind, Meeshoites will take some much-needed time off to Reset & Recharge from 22 Oct-1 Nov. Mental health is important," reads the post by Sanjeev Barnwal.

Take a look:

We've announced an 11-day company-wide vacation for the second year in a row! With the upcoming holiday season and the importance of #WorkLifeBalance in mind, 
Meeshoites will take some much-needed time off from October 22 to November 1. Mental health is essential. Netizens lauded the initiative taken by Meesho and expressed 
their appreciation in the comments section.

"Need of the hour. Good to see few organizations are understanding the importance of work-life balance," a user wrote.

Another user commented, "India needs more entrepreneurs like you."

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