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Date & Time: Oct 01, 2021 12:13 PM

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Children are the foundation of any country, and for their well being central government introduced Mid-day meal scheme. The mid-day meal scheme is being run in government and co-government schools across the country. Now the scheme has been given a new look. Under the leadership of PM Modi, the scheme is renamed as PM Poshan scheme. Rather than simply providing a meal, it will focus on a child's nutrient intake. The central government will spend Rs 1.31 lakh crore on this scheme in the next five years.

How does it function?

The Pradhan Mantri Poshan Yojana has been approved by the Union Cabinet. Under this scheme approximately 11.80 crore children will receive direct benefits from the country's Mid-Day Meal Scheme. It is implemented in approximately 11.5 lakh government and co-government schools. In this programme, children up to class 8th will be served the Mid-Day lunch.
The unique aspect is that this time date food has also been included in this scheme, under which people will be able to arrange food for the children in the community.

History of Mid-Day Meal Scheme

The Mid-Day Meal Scheme was introduced in the year 1995. The objective of the scheme was to improve the level of nutrition among children in primary schools across the country. It also aimed to provide nutritious food to children at least once a day.

Committed to tackle the menace of malnutrition

In a tweet regarding PM Nutrition Scheme, PM Modi wrote, 'We are committed to do everything possible to tackle the menace of malnutrition. The decision of the Union Cabinet regarding PM-nutrition is very important and it will benefit the youth of India’.

‘We are making structural changes in the scheme to ensure more transparency. Earlier there were leakages when money went from Centre to state that will be fixed with the new scheme’, Education Minister, Dharmedra Pradhan

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