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by Dr. Kirti Sisodia

Date & Time: Sep 21, 2021 10:25 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

Words and actions are very effective mediums to convey feelings from one person to another. Words and gestures make you smile, encourage and heal inner wounds. Not only this but also make you happy, just reciprocate with words and gestures you will see the difference. One doesn’t always need money or gifts to make others happy, but simple acknowledgments of their efforts do make others happy. Gratitude comes from the heart and is associated with happiness. It passes on positive vibes and energies.

I met many people in the journey called life. I remember some of the people who helped me in dire circumstances and even today my eyes fill with tears of gratitude for them. If we turn around, we will come across many things that God has given us which need to be acknowledged. God has bestowed us with many things like the beauties of nature, the flora, and the fauna; most precious of all is life. Just focus on the good things you possess and not what you lack. Believe me, you will definitely feel a sense of gratitude within you. No matter how big and celebrated a person you may be, but in the end, you would be remembered only by your deeds and the gratitude which you expressed for others.

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