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Cornell University will establish an education hub in India

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 24, 2022 6:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

Cornell University and OP Jindal Global University have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to establish substantive partnerships and collaborations across all of their schools and programmes. JGU has been working with Cornell as one of the Cornell Global Hubs centres in India, which is now expanding to other areas of mutual expertise and interest, according to the university.

This year, Cornell University launched its global hubs. Global hubs, which are located in strategic locations around the world, connect all of Cornell with strong international peer institutions and their communities, countries, and regions, according to the ivy league institution.

“Hubs are broad-reaching partnerships that combine research, learning, and engagement and bring together faculty, students, alumni, businesses, and the public and private sector. The partnerships are based on reciprocity. Faculty and students across the global hubs join a vibrant network of transnational research and educational opportunities, partnering with Cornell and other hubs locations.

Global Hubs create opportunities and support for students

“No two hubs are identical, but all share Cornell’s academic distinction, educational verve, and civic responsibility—under the umbrella of One Cornell. Global Hubs create more diverse, long-term opportunities and support for students and faculty to study, research, teach, and engage around the world by providing institutional connections in key locations," said the varsity.

Cornell's presence in these locations is coordinated through hubs, which bring together students and faculty with partners, prospective students, and alumni. Each Global Hub is unique, but they are all founded on strong local university partnerships and the principle of mutual benefit and exchange. Cornell is collaborating with Hubs partners to create hands-on projects that encourage study and broaden the range of academic experiences available at home and abroad.

Historical signing of the agreement

On the occasion of this historical signing of the agreement between Cornell and JGU, Professor Dr C Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor of OP Jindal Global University, highlighted that, “The new reimagined and expanded collaboration at the University-level between Cornell and JGU has immense potential to provide an outstanding platform for students and faculty members of both institutions across all domains of mutual expertise to have a holistic experience of intercultural learning guided by the best global practices of higher education and research. This will enable the faculty members and students of both the universities to engage and interact with each other through various institutional partnerships.”

“Cornell’s partnership with JGU opens up new pathways for student mobility including coursework, internships, and research opportunities in the greater Delhi region. This partnership, and the work of Cornell Global Hubs, will further the institution’s efforts towards promoting greater inclusion and internationalization. We look forward to welcoming JGU students to Cornell’s campus very soon,” said Dr Besky, associate professor in the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

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