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by admin

Date & Time: Sep 15, 2021 6:25 AM

Read Time: 4 minute

It will be an ideal situation where the external freedom and inner freedom can match. But inner freedom need not depend upon the external freedom.


Freedom should be there, no doubt. But at the same time, some regulations should be there. Regulation with love. It is not that we want to be dictatorial in the house. What we need to teach the children most is, how we communicate with each other and how regular life can be established, regularity in life. Like you have TV time, lunch time, breakfast time, and reading time. Train them with time sense, space sense, and communication sense. Like when you go shopping for example, and you end up buying a toy for your son or daughter. Buy a pencil or a box of crayons. Tell them, “Do you have a friend? Would you like to give him something?” They’ll, “Oh yes, I have a friend. Can you buy a crayon box for him?” “Yes, we should”. It doesn’t cost you much. But then you have instilled a beautiful quality in your child, that “I should do something for my friend also, while I am shopping here”. And it doesn’t rob you. What does it cost you? One pound? Does it? So little by little, we can train them, so that they themselves become proud. They should not feel that they are being suppressed. You are giving them freedom like this, but you are the actual doer.


That’s why Babuji Maharaj says, ‘Discipline without love will not serve the purpose’. Does that mean we are free to do whatsoever we like? Choice is yours. Our Master says – he used to say very often, that as we advance on the path, our freedom gets restricted more and more. He used to give an example that when you are walking…… you can walk wherever you like. You may be walking first time on that, and it becomes a track. You have the freedom to walk wherever you like. When you bicycle, you go faster, but your freedom is restricted. You just cannot ride your bicycle wherever you feel like. Your freedom is restricted. When you are on a scooter or when you drive your car, the path that suitable for a scooter is no longer suitable when you are driving by car. Later on, we realize when we start flying, sky…..open sky, so much of freedom, but you simply cannot fly beyond a certain level of trajectory. Guys going into space, Apollo travelers, same thing every movement, their body movement is also restricted. Sky is unlimited. You can take your rocket whenever you feel like. But then, it is doomed to failure, doomed to destruction.


Rose is destined to become a rose, it cannot become a Lotus. With human beings, we have freedom with consciousness. We play with consciousness so much; we have the opportunity to create the tamasic mind or tamasic consciousness. You can become a dacoit; you can choose to become a terrorist. At the same time, you have the choice to become Satvik. Satvik consciousness, sage-like seer-like – saintly. It is up to us, choice is ours. This is the problem of free will. How to use it? Either you can make your life or break your life, choice is yours. Though destiny has played some part, our free will creates havoc if it is not utilized properly.


True freedom occurs when this tendency no longer troubles us. If spiritual life makes one irresponsible, if it enslaves one with dependency, then that sort of spirituality is not worth pursuing. The ideal is freedom; not only freedom, but such a freedom where even an iota of freedom or the idea of freedom is no longer present. “Freedom from freedom is the real freedom”, says Babuji.


One must be passionate about this inner freedom. People talk of democracy. People talk of dictatorship, they talk of all kinds of political systems, but we are not here to criticize any political system. We can achieve that inner freedom which is different from the external freedom people talk about and people are used to it. In fact, to my understanding, more and more of external freedom binds you from inside. It enslaves you from inside. It will be an ideal situation where the external freedom and inner freedom can match. But inner freedom need not depend upon the external freedom.


You become a slave. In fact, when you are depending on the external. Your dependency makes you a slave. Freedom- true freedom if you want where you go beyond the concept of freedom, the idea of freedom also dies out, that will come only when you are completely deprogrammed from inside. And to arrive at this, I think, there are many practices many we offer through Heartfulness.

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