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Helped their adopted daughter to live her dream, set an example for society

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 13, 2022 4:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

Sometimes unfortunate circumstances or the breakdown of a relationship take a heavy toll on children, leaving them orphaned or abandoned by their parents. When someone adopts these children and raises them as their own, not only are their lives saved, but a new world is opened for them. One such story comes from Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Dharmendra Sutar and his wife Kusumben are now shining example for society. The couple, who live in Gandhinagar, adopted an orphaned girl, provided her with the best education possible, and helped her reach the pinnacle of her career by risking everything they owned. Sutars were unable to have their own child for many years following her marriage. As a result, Kusumben expressed her desire to adopt a child. She only wanted to adopt a girl, and she had her husband Dharmendrabhai Sutar's full support.

Sutars Adopt Baby Girl

Kusumben's father was posted in Rajpipla's forest area when the Sutars decided to adopt a child. A poor man there had an orphaned 11-month-old child. The father told his daughter Kusumben about the baby, and she agreed to adopt it. Despite the family's opposition, the Sutars persisted and adopted the baby girl.

Baby is Named ‘Durga’

This baby's name was 'Durga,' and she had lost both of her parents shortly after birth. She was physically frail because her mother was not present to breastfeed her. Sutar's family was opposed to her adoption due to her physical weakness, but the Sutar couple refused to budge.

Durga, the baby, was in treatment for six years and her condition was not improving. However, the Sutars did not give up hope and continued her treatment. She gradually improved and eventually became a normal child.

Never burdened with expectations

Sutars never put their expectations on her daughter Durga. They had agreed not to put any pressure on her to become a doctor or engineer. They will assist her in becoming whatever she desires. Durga's mother Kusumben noticed that she was becoming more interested in drawing as she grew older. She assisted her daughter in honing her drawing abilities, and the daughter proved her mother correct. Durga attended the National School of Design for her master's degree in design and graduated from there.

Durga had topped her class and this helped her get selected for a good job through campus placement. Now she is working in a very big company on a huge salary. Stepping in the footsteps of their parents, she too wants to adopt an orphaned child. Durga says, “for me, parents are not just a word, but a whole world. I want to give all those things to an orphaned baby which my parents have given me.”

Kusumben's father, Dalsukhbhai, has now retired as Deputy Forest Conservator. Kusumben works for Gir Foundation, while her husband Dharmendrabhai runs his old automobile business.


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