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IIT Hyderabad is Launching 3-years MSc in Medical Physics

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 05, 2022 11:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

In collaboration with Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, the IIT Hyderabad department of biomedical engineering and physics is launching a three-year Master of Science (MSc) programme in medical physics (BIACH&RI). According to the IIT, the programme is being launched to train future medical and radiation physicists.

The programme has been approved by the AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) and aims to provide world-class medical physicist specialist training in the concepts and techniques of applying physics in medicine. It plans to offer clinical orientation for radiation physics, clinical immersion and shadowing, industry/clinical lectures, short-term projects, and a 12-month clinical internship (during the third year). The internship is mandatory for certification.

Programme is ideal for BSc candidates

This programme is ideal for BSc candidates who have physics as one of their main subjects and want to pursue a career in applied physics for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Candidates with the aforementioned qualifications can apply directly to IIT Hyderabad admissions. The applications will be screened based on their qualifying degree grades. In addition, an online interview will be conducted.

The course requires students to complete 90 credits over three years, with two years of course work (66 credits) and one year of mandatory internship (24 credits).

Talking about the programme’s relevance with NEP 2020, Prof B S Murty, Director, IITH, said, “IITH has well-established Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Physics providing UG, PG & PhD programs wherein students are solving various challenges of the healthcare sector. MSc (Medical Physics) program of IITH, in collaboration with BIACH&RI, is the third PG program in the field of healthcare at IITH, which, in line with NEP, provides not only strong academic background to the students but also provides hands-on training in the form of year-long Clinical internship to the students to make them industry-ready”.

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