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Date & Time: Aug 28, 2021 11:30 AM

Read Time: 2 minute

Daaji conveys the great emphasis that spiritual and religious traditions lay on obedience and the importance of obedience to guru and the scriptures in our spiritual path. In this talk on obedience, Daaji says that people who follow the scripture or the guru blindly are in bondage without understanding.

Understanding is what gives us freedom and acts as the rope that binds us with the emotions which are needed. We should not follow the spiritual dictums blindly or without proper understanding but with the conviction in our hearts. If we think that we like to obey because we love to obey, the thought will also go through our mind when obedience, love, and surrender are unfolding on their own. This is the reason that we will be becoming constantly undergoing self-development and a natural change will happen from within. This natural change is Sahaj and that is why this path is referred to as the Sahaj Marg tradition in the Heartfulness Meditation. Sahaj Marg, which translates to The Natural Path, is a heart-based meditation system.

Sahaj means things that unfold naturally as an outcome of our heartfelt belief practice. We can even ignore the words of the Vedas and the Gurus on the day when we don’t feel like obeying because whatever has been told to us doesn’t give us self-satisfaction or convincement to your heart. At this point, we have to forget them and follow our own hearts. The Sahaj Marg of the Heartfulness Meditation makes us capable of following the dictums, the teaching with conviction in our heart, out of our own experience. The essential features of Sahaj Marg are Meditation, Cleaning and Prayer. The unique element of the cleaning of impressions, called samskara is influential in taking the right path in our life. We will be able to choose the path right for us through the guidance of the heart-based meditation on our personal experiences. The Heartfulness Meditation is an ideal way to surrender ourselves to the spiritual gurus and philosophy through understanding, obedience, and love. This will help us to attain a new perspective for being happy. The meditation practices will adapt our hearts to bring a transformation in our life. People from various walks of life share their experiences with a unique way of Heartfulness meditation.

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