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Kalimpong, WB becomes first Indian school band to represent India at Basel Tattoo Festival

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jul 20, 2022 3:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

India was represented at the Basel Tattoo in Switzerland by a member of the Kumudini Homes School Pipes and Drums Band from Kalimpong. One of the biggest military music festivals is thought to be the Basel Tattoo. International military bands performed during the programme.

Group of 20 children made history

The group of about 20 children made history by participating in this worldwide event as the only school band from India. The Kumudini group, which includes Priyadarshi Lama, a teacher and mentor. They were invited by the Basel Tattoo's organisers, the Swiss federal department of defence, civil protection, and sports. After the Scottish festival of the same name, it is regarded as the second-largest military music event.

This school band started its journey in the 60s and is very famous in this region. Despite being invited, the road to reach Switzerland was not easy. Their flight got canceled and the group had to book their tickets again.

Rufhas Chethri father of 17-year-old Subham Chethri who is now in Switzerland told, “I am not able to sleep. I am only a small carpenter and my son is now in Switzerland. He called us in the morning at around 3 am and said that they their performance went well. I am feeling very happy and I thank god for this. They will come on the 25th and we will have a major celebration.”
Not just the father but the entire Kalingpong is proud of these kids. GTA Chairman Anit Thapa said, “We are very proud, our hills have talents both in music and sports, if we get the support we will do well. Our motto is to nourish more such talent.”

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