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Know all about 4G signal booster in India

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jun 16, 2022 1:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

Mobile signal boosters increase a weak signal by amplifying the frequency signal of network carriers. These devices help wireless network operators in improving coverage in places where there is no or very poor signal due to a large number of dead spots.

Signal boosters increase network coverage where signals are weak

Simply put, mobile signal boosters are devices that increase network coverage in areas where signals are weak. These sorts of devices are also used by telecom providers to increase network coverage in regions where constructing a specialized network tower is problematic. Third-party boosters and repeaters that do not conform, on the other hand, can cause serious interference in the regulated frequency bands given to telecom companies, lowering overall mobile service quality.

How do mobile signal boosters work?

Mobile Signal boosters, also known as amplifiers or repeaters, consist of three main parts - exterior antenna, amplifier and interior antenna. These components create a wireless system that helps in enhancing cellular reception. These devices are usually a repeater system that allows the amplifier to add gain or power to the reception in multiple directions. The outside antenna can both receive and transmit signals to a cellular tower with enhanced power and sensitivity. These devices are connected with a coaxial cable that can even cause transmission loss. After amplification, the signal is re-broadcasted to the area with no reception or weak signal.

Availability of 4G signal boosters in India

All major e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and Flipkart, sell 4G mobile signal enhancers. These gadgets, which claim to offer wide-area coverage, quick installation, and network support for the 4G network with data services and VoLTE connectivity, are available for purchase at low costs. Popular network equipment brands such as Huawei and Netgear, on the other hand, do not have any such devices listed on the e-commerce platforms.

Furthermore, in 2019, the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) requested that e-commerce platforms stop selling network signal boosters and repeaters, as doing so is unlawful and can result in fines and imprisonment. These gadgets interfere with cell signals, causing call dropouts and poorer data rates, according to the agency.

Are 4G signal boosters illegal in India?

In India, 4G signal boosters are unlawful since they exploit spectrum for which they have not paid.

Using these devices may cause network interference in the area, as well as service degradation for other nearby customers. Furthermore, the majority of these signal boosters sold on e-tailer platforms are built in China and may cause signal problems for others. When built or implemented incorrectly, these devices can cause delays in communication services, especially emergency calls in the neighbourhood.

The sale, acquisition, or possession of mobile signal boosters is prohibited and punished under the Indian Wireless Telegraph Act. Before purchasing any such equipment in the licenced bands, the purchaser must get a 'frequency authorisation/agreement in principle letter' from the Department of Transportation. After submitting the relevant documentation and spectrum charges, buyers will additionally require a wireless operation licence.

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