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by admin

Date & Time: Jun 28, 2021 6:30 AM

Read Time: 2 minute

Is it possibility to free ourselves from all disturbing influences. One cannot avoid all situations that produce waves in an otherwise peaceful mind, whether those situations are internal or external. Thoughts can either lead us away or they can help us. Control on thoughts is sometimes inspirational like the winds that propel the sails. No wonder that seers and sages from various epochs called this life the Sansar-Sagar, which translates as the worldly ocean. This godliness meaning encourages one to have a meditative mind.

It is not possible for a boat to never encounter waves unless they are permanently docked. Waves may rock the boat, but it will remain unscathed if it is properly anchored. A meditative mind is like a boat that is anchored, but a deep attachment to this side of the bank will prevent us from moving at all. When it comes to answering your concern of how to stable mind, meditation is not meant to stay anchored at one place docked forever, because then there is no possibility of a voyage. The ocean of life must be crossed from one side to the other. A voyage demands facing large and small waves. We will have to make use of them by adjusting the sail and rudder and the speed and the weight of the boat will have to be just right. The wisdom lies in travelling light when you control your emotions that burden your hearts. A heavy heart burdened with emotions cannot stay afloat, but will sink due to the freight of baggage.

In olden days, the North Star was the guiding light for all sea voyagers, and then came the compass. In days of the past, the heart was trained to follow the ideal, which the sages knew as “Godliness”. The modern man somehow prefers “voice of the heart” and tends to replace the word Godliness meaning. Voice of the heart gives us a false sense of ownership and control “It is my voice” or “voice of my heart”. When the heart becomes the North Star or the compass for the spiritual voyager, they will be able to easily discern the good from the unwise, and its godly voice guides not only you but also impacts others as its words live on forever.

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