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Meet Radhika Gupta: From bullied girl and attempted suicide, to India's youngest CEO

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jun 09, 2022 5:00 PM

Read Time: 3 minute

Radhika Gupta has come a long way after being bullied and becoming one of the country's youngest CEOs. Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss midfielder, recently shared her many years of travel in a post by the Humans of Bombay. This is an online photo blog where residents, especially Mumbai residents, share their real experiences.

Born with twisted neck

Radhika was born with twisted neck. She was constantly shifting nations every three years. She said, “In seventh grade, I was the awkward new kid, surrounded by peers who mocked my heavy Indian accent. 

They called me 'Apu,' after the Simpsons character".

Torticollis, or "crooked neck," is an uncommon disorder in which neck muscles tightens and cause the head to twist to one side.

Gupta then recalls how her self-esteem was harmed at an early age when she was compared to her mother, who worked at the same school. "People constantly commented on how unattractive I was in comparison, and my self-esteem sank. Over time, I learned to suppress my insecurities, but they never went away "she explains.

Attempted suicide at 22

When Gupta was 22 and got rejection from seventh job, she gazed out the window of her room and made her mind to jump from there. Her friend, alarmed, requested assistance. She was taken to a psychiatric facility and labelled with depression.

“They only let me go later because I stated, "I have a job interview - this is my only chance." And later that day, I got the job - at McKinsey

Returned to India

She left her work in the United States three years later and returned to India to start her own asset management company with her husband and a friend. "I felt compelled to try something new after surviving the financial crisis of 2008; I didn't want to become complacent. So, at the age of 25, I left my work in the United States and relocated to India."

Edelweiss MF purchased her company

Edelweiss MF purchased her company a few years later. Gupta said, “I started working my way up the corporate ladder. In a room full of suits, I became a saree, but it didn't stop me from reaching out for opportunities".

She also talks about how her spouse urged her to apply for the Edelweiss midfielder CEO position. "I stopped for a moment.' Why do you hire me?'I asked myself." You are the best person for that position! "My spouse reassured my heart."

Youngest CEO of the country

Then at the age of 33 Radhika became one of India's youngest CEOs.

Gupta also mentions an occurrence that "changed her life" in the essay. "I talked about my childhood worries about my appearance, my problems with rejection, and my eventual suicide attempt. I let go of all the baggage I'd been carrying around with me. And my words spread far and wide, earning me the moniker "the girl with the shattered neck," she continued.

Accepting her flaws

Despite her many accomplishments, Gupta feels her most significant is "accepting her flaws and recognising that they do not make her any less attractive." A book by Gupta named 'Limitless,' is also available.

"Now, when people comment on my appearance, I merely answer, 'Yes, I have a broken neck and a squint in my eyes.'" 'What makes you special?' Gupta says his goodbyes.

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