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Unstoppable Bihar girl: Walks 1 km to school in 1 leg

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: May 26, 2022 1:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute


  • 10 year old Bihar girl’s 1 leg was amputated
  • Never deterred her spirit for studying
  • Actor Sonu Sood ,to make Seema stand on both her feet
A 10-year-old girl named Seema who lives in Jamui district of Bihar has won the hearts of people. Her vedio gone viral in which she is seen hopping to school on one leg.
Today students make excuses for not studying and seen less dedicated towards studies, in this Seema became the inspiring model for every student. An accident happened two years ago and the little one's leg was amputated. But this never deterred her spirit and love for studying. Seema still goes to school everyday, which is 1 kilometre away from her house.

Sonu Sood will help to make Seema stand on both feet

The clip brought the attention of the officials. For instance, actor Sonu Sood, has stepped forward to help Seema. Retweeting a video of the little one, Sonu Sood wrote,“Now she will go to school by jumping on not one but both feet. I am sending the ticket, the time has come to walk on both feet,” and tagged his NGO, Sood Foundation.
Dr Ashok Choudhary, Minister of Building Construction Department, Government of Bihar, also has shared a video of Seema and wrote that , “We are proud that the children of our state are becoming aware of education, crossing all the hurdles and getting an education. Seema and every child like her will be identified and they will be provided appropriate help. However, necessary help has been reached to the girl child,” and tag Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
 Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi said that Seema should be an inspiration for all patriots. In his tweet, he said, “Seema's passion for 10 years made me emotional. Every child in the country wants a good education. I don't know politics, I know that every government has enough resources. To give the best education to every child like Seema should be the mission of every true patriot, this is true patriotism.”

Bihar officials gifted tricycle

Meanwhile, the Bihar officials quickly reacted to the video and gifted her a tricycle to Seema. Pictures of Seema sitting on a tricycle are making rounds on social media.

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