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ITC brought agricultural solution for farmers; Launched ‘ITC MAARS’ app

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: May 19, 2022 4:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute


• ITC launched ‘ITC MAARS’ app for farmers
• 10 million farmers can get benefit
• Provide better markets for advanced agriculture and rural services

ITC launched the ‘ITC MAARS’ app, which offer agricultural solutions to farmers and providing better markets.

The ‘ITC MAARS’ app seeks to offer a wide range of agricultural solutions to farmers, while creating new revenue streams and provide better markets for advanced agriculture and rural services. This will benefit around 10 million farmers across multiple crop clusters.

Collaborate with farmers to develop robust models

The company is also collaborating with farmers to develop robust models for value-added segments, such as better quality and organic chillies, mango pulp traceable to farms, specialty coffee certified for fair trade, wheat flours, and medicinal and aromatic plant extracts.

Better markets for advanced agriculture

Sanjiv Puri said during an investor meeting, “ITC MAARS is a transformative business model, a very creative monetization model which will be built on the strength of e-Choupal 4.0. The physical aspects, whether it’s the demonstration farms, the lead farmers and the information highway connecting all the players come from the e-Choupal. ITC MAARS will provide better markets for advanced agriculture and rural services”. He further added, “There are about 1,000 or more agri-tech startups in India. MAARS will plug and play with agri-tech start-ups, create a hyper-local personalized solution at the farmer level."

Rahul Sharma, the Research head at Equity 99, told “Sanjiv Puri’s analyst meeting address on ITC next, sustainability, margin expansion, new vectors of growth, MAARS are showing results now for the company and the stock price. The fundamentals and the strategies will help the stocks and the firm reach new highs,”

The shares of ITC recently hit a 52-week high of Rs 273.15.The company has also been focusing on FMCG, direct-to-consumer and digitalisation sectors since the onset of the pandemic.


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