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Viral: World’s highest Tea party on Everest at 21,312 feet

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: May 09, 2022 9:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute


• Tea party at Mount Everest.
• Nepal government has given 300 permits are for Mount Everest this year.
An amazing experience one can ever had. A group of Mount Everest climbers got together for a tea party at a dizzying 21,312 feet.

Scenes captured in the video

The Guinness World Records tweeted a video of the adventurers’ get-together. One person from the group is seen dressed in a thick yellow suit, setting up a table with colourful teacups and snacks. Others sat huddled around it. In a video, one member of a group raised her cup to the camera and waved.

Dream of hundreds of people to climb world’s highest peak

Hundreds of adventure-seekers come to Nepal every year in the hopes of scaling height of the world’s highest peaks, Mount Everest. The country had shut down mountaineering in 2020 because of the coronavirus crisis. The activity resumed in 2021.This climbing season, the Nepal government has given out permits to 918 mounta

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