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by Shailee Mishra

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• Sukant Kadam, world No. 3, took silver in the SL4 category
• Pramod Bhagat earned two bronze medals at the recently concluded Brazil Para-Badminton International 2022

The match was of Total 50 minutes

Sukant Kadam, the world No. 3, finished second in the SL4 category, while Pramod Bhagat took home two bronze medals at the just completed Brazil Para-Badminton International 2022.

Sukant Kadam defeated Marcel Adam of Germany in straight sets 21-19 and 21-13 in the men's semi-finals, then he lost to fellow Indian Tarun in the finals, but not without a battle.

The 53-minute encounter was a close one, and it was impossible to predict who would win. 21-17, 20-22, 21-18 was the final score.

Sukant Kadam reaction

"I am a little saddened by the result because I had given my all throughout the game," Sukant Kadam remarked in response. I believe Tarun performed admirably and kept his cool under pressure. My game improves with each competition I compete in, and I am pleased with my improvement

World No. 1 Pramod Bhagat, on the other hand, was defeated in a close match by Indian Kumar Nitesh. The 50-minute match was a close one, but Kumar Nitesh edged out the world champion, with the final score of 7-21, 21-19, 19-21.

In the mixed doubles, Pramod and Palak Kohli were defeated in three sets by Japan's Daisuke Fujihara and Akiko Sugino.

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