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Date & Time: Jan 21, 2021 12:01 AM

Read Time: 2 minute

Nutrient-rich foods are trending all over the globe. With people getting more and more health conscious, the market is being flooded with food items that are super healthy and super nutritious. However, we have brought to you 5 trendy and nutritious food items and their “Grown in India” alternatives which are also easy to find.

  1. Matcha tea Vs Moringa powder

Matcha has skyrocketed in terms of popularity, especially over social media and is slowly taking over the market everywhere. Nonetheless, its Indian counterpart Moringa powder, extracted from the very nutritious Moringa is filled with powerful vitamins, minerals, and calcium that are much greater than the matcha concentrate and have been used for generations in South Indian households. The only difference is that although matcha is much sweeter, moringa has a slightly slender taste

2. Acai Berry Vs Amla

Amla has twice the antioxidant power than the widely popular acai berry. Rich in Vitamin C (8 times more than orange), this Indian gooseberry, popularly known as Amla, is truly a super food.

3. Ginseng Vs Ashwagandha

Ginseng is widely used in traditional Chinese medicines. But since we are encouraging make in India products, let’s hop on to Ginseng’s more common, cheaper and above all, Indian alternative; Ashwagandha . It’s known to strengthen our body and brain. Moreover, it also helps to combat anxiety and depression, and is advised to improve health and quality of life.

4. Chia Seeds Vs Basil Seeds

Chia Seeds are the new talk of the town when it comes to nutrition and healthy diet as they are good for bones and brain. A close and commonly found alternative to chia seeds are Basil seeds, also known as Subja seeds. Basil seeds contain loads of fatty acids which help in balancing iron and vitamin levels in the body. They also help combating common flu.

5. Goji Berries Vs Jamun

Goji berries, quite famous in China, are sought after for their ability to control blood sugar levels and increase immunity. However, Jamun or the Indian Blackberry is cheaper and much easily available with similar health benefits. It’s highly beneficial for diabetic patients, relieves throat pain and boosts immunity.

Superfoods are not only the ones that are being highlighted internationally or are high-priced but can also be those that are grown locally and easily available. All you need to know about is your regional alternative superfoods as “Simple is Sustainable”.  

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