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by Juhi Tripathi

Date & Time: Mar 28, 2022 2:51 PM

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The Udaan project was established in partnership with the development consultancy firm 'IPE Global.'
The development of girls in the state is a priority under this programme.

Maintain a focus on retaining girls in education

Attempts have been made to keep the state's girls in school through this initiative. This is accomplished by enrolling them in secondary school. This approach also assures that the qualifying students receive their scholarships out of all the enrolled students. This strategy not only raises awareness about scholarship programmes, but it also mobilises rural communities to support girls' education and facilitate their attendance.

Preventing adolescent pregnancy is a priority

This programme also aims to reduce adolescent pregnancy in Rajasthan. It does so by using all of the state's existing government programmes across all sectors of health and education in order to scale them up and ensure their long-term sustainability. A multi-sectoral strategy has been taken under this initiative to avoid pregnancy in adolescence by raising awareness about sexual health and other interventions.

Focus on in-school adolescent health education

The 'Human-Centred Design' (HCD) methodology was used in this project to find the many approaches to effectively reach out to adolescents. Consultations with adolescents, parents, and other stakeholders were held in the Dholpur district. It was discovered that the best area to reach out to adolescents is in their schools. Adolescents in school can function as change agents for out-of-school adolescents to ensure 
maximum coverage. Teachers should take the lead in changing students' attitudes, knowledge, and behaviours.

These data were used to create a small pilot to examine the adaptability and practicality of delivering sexual and reproductive health information (SRH). Because the pilot's results were favourable, the administration approved a scale-up across all of the state's districts in 2020-21, covering 282 senior secondary and secondary schools.

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