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by Sai Shruti

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Madhya Pradesh's Habibganj station has been a matter of discussion in recent days. The station was recently renamed Rani Kamalapati. This station, named after Rani Kamalapati, will be able to provide passengers with an airport-like experience. Passengers will be able to see all of the modern facilities, from the food zone to the game zone in this modern station. The station has been redeveloped with private participation at a cost of around Rs. 100 crore.

Who is Rani Kamlapati?
Rani Kamlapati was the Gond queen of the Bhopal Region in the 18th century. Rani kamlapati was one of the wives of Nizam Shah. She was well-known for her bravery and beauty. According to the reports, there are no images of the Maharani, whose beauty was legendary. She constructed the seven-story building Kamalapati Palace. The palace now serves as an ASI-protected monument overlooking the Upper and Lower Lakes.
According to the Madhya Pradesh government, after her husband was assassinated, Kampalati is said to have shown remarkable bravery in battling aggressors. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister, has claimed that Kamlapati was the "last Hindu queen of Bhopal," who worked hard to improve water management and establish parks and temples.

What facilities will be available?
World-class station, Rani Kamalapati station will give the rail passengers an airport-like experience. A sitting configuration for approximately 2000 individuals will also be available here. Amenities like, modern restrooms, high-quality food, a museum, and a gaming zone are offered in the modern station. The spa will also open in the station in the coming days.

India's First Private Railway Station
The High-end railway station Habibganj is also India's first public-private partnership railway station. Bansal Group, a local company, was awarded a contract to build, maintain, and operate the station. It is the first station in India to be redeveloped under the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model. Habibganj station is also India’s first railway station to be reconstructed on the lines of Germany’s Heidelberg railway station.


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