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by Sai Shruti

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Pollution has always been a serious issue in the national capital, Delhi. Furthermore, air quality has recently deteriorated as a result of Diwali, as well as an increase in emissions from farm fires and unfavorable meteorological conditions. The Delhi government has launched a one-month campaign to combat this serious issue. The name of this campaign is the Anti-Open Burning Campaign.
The 'Anti-Open Burning Campaign' will take place in the national capital from November 11 to December 11. The main objective of the campaign is to curb the onset of garbage burning in open spaces in Delhi. For this, the responsibility has been delegated to 550 teams from 10 departments.

Delhi-NCR air quality on brink of ‘emergency’
Authorities in Delhi have advised people to limit outdoor activities. Additionally, they have also directed government and private offices to reduce vehicle use by at least 30%. These steps has been taken as the air quality in the Delhi-NCR deteriorated due to an increase in emissions from farm fires and unfavorable meteorological conditions. Amid the worsening air quality, the Supreme Court has suggested the center and state to impose a two-day lockdown in Delhi.

Campaign to prevent open burning of waste and biomass
In a statement, Gopal Rai, the Delhi Environment Minister said, "We have launched a campaign to prevent open burning of waste and biomass to cut down on pollution generated within Delhi. 10 departments – DPCC, municipal corporations, revenue department, Delhi Development Authority, Development Department, DSIIDC, I & FC Department and Cantonment Board – are involved in the campaign,"
He further said, “We appeal to the people to complain on the 'Green Delhi' app if they see any incident of open burning."

Other campaigns to curb pollution
There are 4 main sources of pollution in Delhi for which the Delhi government has launched several campaigns. These campaigns include the anti-dust campaign for dust pollution, 'Red Light on Gaadi Band' campaign for vehicular pollution, Pusa Bio De-composer for stubble pollution, and now one-month-long 'Open Burning Campaign' campaign.


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