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by Sai Shruti

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Earlier, women used to cook with great difficulties using stoves or cow dung. With modernization, many alternatives came along. The introduction of gas cylinders was one of them. Although gas cylinders provided comfort to the homemakers, they also had several drawbacks.

As an alternative to traditional LPG cylinders, The Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has launched 'Indane Composite Cylinders’. These new-age composite cylinders have several advantages over traditional steel cylinders. Now, the customers can easily plan their next refill with this new smart cylinder due to its translucent feature. Along with it, it will also be easy to port. Fiber composite cylinders will weigh around 10 kg per piece. This new feature will also let the women move the cylinders easily.

Started by Indian oil
This new and unique initiative is first started by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited. Soon, other companies like HPCL and BPCL will also introduce fiber cylinders in the market.

Good for the nuclear family
Smaller families will make greater use of smart cylinders. Families consisting of fewer members require approx 10 kg gas cylinders per month. As a result, fiber cylinders will be more widely be useful to the smaller family.

You can mark the level of LPG
The fiber cylinders will be translucent. This unique feature of the fiber cylinder will ensure transparency to the customers. With this new smart cylinder, they can easily plan their next refill as the amount of gas left in the cylinder will be easily  visible.

28 cities first to receive smart cylinder
Around 28 cities in India have been chosen to be the first to receive these smart cylinders. In many cities, it’s already been launched. Whereas, some cities like Raipur will witness fiber cylinders in the coming days. Soon the fiber cylinders will be available across the nation.

Option to choose
The new fiber cylinder will give the customers option to choose. During the time of online booking, there will be an option to choose between traditional LPG cylinders or fiber cylinders. Whatever alternate the customer selects, will be delivered to their home.

Easy to port
The special feature of fiber cylinders is their being half weight of the traditional cylinders. The main drawback of the traditional cylinders was their weight, by which not everyone was capable of moving it easily. This new smart cylinder lets the customer port the cylinders easily.


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