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Diwali, the festival of light brings cheers and smiles to the face of many. Diwali has all the enchantment, grandeur, and splendor to light up our minds and hearts. It is considered the most important festival of Hindus. Diwali, not only illuminates the earth but the sky as well. Along with spreading positivity around the world, it also brings joy and cheers to the automobile sector.

Festive cheer
Festive season brightens up the automobile industry. In this season the automobile sector witnessed a great hike in sales. Their wholesale performance does wonders at this time. During this time, the whole market seems to be lit up, giving India’s auto industry reason to cheer. This festive season gives much more bump of plummeting sales to the auto industry than the whole year. The month-long period between the start of Navratri and Diwali accounts for nearly double the year's monthly average for two and four-wheeler sales.

Electric vehicle
With the advancement in technology, the automobile industry is also witnessing various changes and upgrades. Auto industries are modernizing themselves by adopting these changes and implementing improvements. The emission of gases from vehicles is one of the major causes of air pollution. These gases affect the purity of the environment. In a bid to promote a sustainable environment, electric vehicles were introduced.

Electric vehicles are now shifting the center of the Auto Universe, ushering in one of the most significant economic development arms races in decades. Electric vehicles are the future, and each year automakers add more EVs to their lineup. This year, Electric vehicles can be a great option for you to buy in this festive reason to go with the trend and also to protect your environment.

Automobile, rare and expensive luxury to common necessity
The extensive use of automobiles is certainly one of the outstanding features of modern life. In India, the automobile has evolved from a rare and expensive luxury to a common necessity over the last fifty years. The vehicle is now so important to our way of life that it is included in cost-of-living indices. A large proportion of employees rely on highway transportation to get to work, whether by bus or private car. Trucks are also an absolute necessity for the transportation of goods.

Festive Season and Automobile
Manufacturers across the automobile spectrum launch new models and variants to woo customers during the festive season. Manufacturers witnessed a sharp increase in vehicle sales during this season, which showers a much better sentiment in the marketplace.


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