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by Sai Shruti

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To strengthen the healthcare infrastructure of India, the government launches various schemes. In the same line, PM Modi launched Pradhan Mantri Atmanirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana, PMSBY. PMSBY is a mega health infrastructure scheme worth over Rs. 64,000 crore. The scheme was first introduced in the Budget speech of FY 21-22. It has been launched in addition to the National Health Mission. PMASBY is one of the largest pan-India schemes for strengthening the healthcare infrastructure.

Objective of PMASBY
It aims to cut the gaps in public health infrastructure. Particularly it focuses on critical care facilities and primary care in both urban and rural areas. It will support 17,788 rural health and wellness centers in ten high-priority states. Furthermore, 11,024 urban health and wellness centers will be established across all states.

Benefits of the scheme
Critical care services will be available through the exclusive Critical Care Hospital Block in all districts of the country with a population of more than five lakhs. While the remaining districts will be served through referral services.
Meanwhile, through a nationwide network of laboratories, people will have full access to diagnostic services in the public health system. In addition, integrated public health laboratories will be set up in each district.

Who will be benefitted?
The scheme prioritizes underserved, backward, and aspirational districts. The initiative intends to enhance the availability of health professionals and rectify the current geographical imbalance in medical college distribution. The scheme will also focus to make better use of the district hospitals' existing infrastructure.

Scheme to provide employment opportunities
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Along with providing healthcare facilities, PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission or PMASBY will also provide employment opportunities to the people,”
According to the PMO, PMASBY will establish a national institution for one health, four new national institutes for virology, a regional research platform for the WHO Southeast Asia Region, nine biosafety level-III laboratories, and five new regional national centers for disease control.


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