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In order to strengthen the defence sector of India, the Defence Ministry has approved the procurement of 118 Arjun (MK-1A) Arjun for the Indian Army. Arjun Tank is also called the ‘ Hunter Killer’. The Hunter Killer, MK-1A is an upgraded version of Arjun tanks. Two regiments of Arjun tanks have been inducted into the army since 2004. This is a significant step towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. It will also have a great strategic importance for the Indian army.

Heavy Vehicles Factory Chennai has been ordered for these tanks. A budget of Rs 7,523 crore will be spent in the purchase of these tanks. It will further boost the Make in India initiative in the defence sector.

Uniqueness is the significance of ‘Hunter Killer’

The Mark-1A variant adds 72 new features to the previous variant Mark-1. Among these up-gradations there are 14 major and 58 minor new features. These enhancements have resulted in improved all-terrain mobility and maneuverability in various modes of operation, improved target acquisition and precision firing during both day and night with a 360° view, and a multi-layered robust protective armour known as ‘Kanchan.' The additions, along with its powerful 120 mm rifled gun, have helped it to earn the term ‘hunter killer’.

Great initiative towards ‘Make In India’ mission

54.3 percent of the instruments used in the Mk-1A are indigenous as compared to 41 percent in the previous version. Additionally, more than 200 Indian firms will participate in the production of these tanks. This tank will also help in providing employment to many.118 hunter killer tanks will be manufactured at Chennai's heavy vehicle factory.

Designed for Indian conditions

According to the press release, The Defence Ministry said: “By virtue of these capabilities, this indigenous MBT proves to be at par with any contemporary in its class across the globe. This tank is particularly configured and designed for Indian conditions and hence it is suitable for deployment to protect the frontiers in an effective manner.”


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