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To enhance India’s counter terror capabilities by cutting edge technologies, National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) has been conceived. NATGRID will be launched shortly by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The objective of NATGRID is to strengthen the intelligence mechanism for security agencies.

What is NATGRID?

NATGRID is an intelligence sharing network that collates data from the standalone databases of the various agencies and ministries of the Indian government. It will also have access to the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems, which links crime information across 14,000 police stations in India. With the help of this security agencies will be able to keep a watch on every suspicious movement 24 hours a day. NETGRID will alert security agencies on suspicious activities.

How NATGRID started?

NATGRID was conceived in 2009 after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. In the year 2010, the Rs 3,400 crore NATGRID project was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs.

How will NATGRID work?

NATGRID will collect complete data of every person moving in and out of the country through intelligence inputs. NATGRID will also have access to real time data on transactions of any person related to banks, debit or credit card purchases, online shopping, social media profiles, internet searches, individual taxpayers, rail passengers and air passengers.

NATGRID will also assist the Intelligence Bureau in hunting down people with questionable backgrounds. Security agencies will have access to all of the suspect's data, and their actions may be followed using the data base.

Importance of NATGRID

The disadvantage of not having sophisticated media like NATGRID is that the police are forced to adopt harsh and abusive methods to get any information.

After each terrorist incident, the police arrest several suspects, most of whom are innocent. This drawback is suppressed by the great initiative of Indian Government, through NETGRID. As the detection and detection mechanism is available, there will be a reduction in cases of human rights violations.


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