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In some of my earlier posts I had emphasized the importance of communication in relationship. As I have already said that sweet communication is always necessary for loving relationship.
Today I am going to talk about importance of words in communication. There is saying that SWORD and WORDS have same alphabets. Moreover, their efforts are also same if not handled properly. Sword hurts the physical existence and similarly Words if used critically, hurt our mental peace. That's why it is always advisable to be assertive in our communications, that is, we shall use the words which never hurt other people. Off and on we find misuse of words by politicians which hurt people at community level leading to violence. Being the leader in political or social scenarios we all shall follow ETHICS OF WORDS. This will gloryfy the communicator himself. This ethics must also be maintained in intimate relationships also where apart from using wrong words people don't realize the sensitivity of another person who may feel severely hurt and like Sword cut the rintimacy of relationship.
One more type of communication is Self-talk. It is my clinical experience that the clients very often indulge in negative talk using self-derogatory words and thus attract negative consequences, some times even suicidal ideations and attempts too. It is quite necessary to have positivity in self-talk and even when we are talking to any one to attract more love for oneself and for others too.
So, TRAIN YOUR MIND to use sweet and positive words so that you can attract positive state of affairs in your relationships and thus in life too.
Enjoy good relationships always ahead with the use of
appropriately sweet words in your communications.


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