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There is a quote "Darkness can not remove the darkness. You need light to remove darkness around." Let us apply this principle of nature to the emotion of hate. To say it, "Hatred can not be replaced by hatred. You need love to replace hatred. " In continuation of my last 3 posts here I insist on keeping fast of hatred for the whole of our lives. Let, instead, we celebrate the feast of love in our hearts for every organism on this earth. Let us carry an abundance of love to light our hearts which will lead our path to our ultimate goal of self-transcendence.

There is another aspect of darkness in Psychology. It relates to darkness or depression - a common issue we are observing around us to critical situations humans are facing in the modern scenario. If you are depressed then no negative thought would make you feel better. It's only your optimism, your positivity that can make you free from depression, the darkness in the mental sphere. Let you give positive assertions to yourself for everything you feel low about with faith of optimistic outcomes always.
One technique we use in Psychology to deal with depression is attribution therapy in which we make the Client attribute to the situation as the cause of failure than to personal attributes. Situations are alterable but the person is not, normally. If I say I did not prepare properly for the exam, leading to failure then I have all possibilities to do more efforts so that I can have success. But if I say it is beyond my capacity then no way I can put efforts to improve myself.

So learn to train your mind to light the candle when there is darkness around, to keep fast of hatred to feast love, and to think positively to get rid of depressive thoughts.
Enjoy fabulous brightening days ahead always.


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