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We have to consider the mind-brain duality, which is an essential aspect to understand the way an individual thinks.

Even if the mind wishes to commit itself with the moment, the brain gets hardwired to certain sentiments, memory, impressions and refuses to budge away from the past impression.

Certain brain networks are more spontaneous to fire despite our mental efforts because these networks have settled at a low entropy.

The relationship between conscious mind and brain is reciprocal.

Impressions are stored both in the astral memory of mind but in the gray matter of the brain as well.

For beings, such as JK, Osho and others (because of their Kundali awakening), their very brain chemistry gets altered owing to which the new brain cells are in complete sync with the awakened mind.

But in beings like us, where we have an understanding at the level of mind, at the level of the brain, most of our cells where past is recorded remains still active.

In fact, in one of the latest researches, it has been found that one of the microtubules which are protein structures of the brain, tubulins, they have a strong connection with mental mood swings.

It has been found that in depressed individuals, there are increased amounts of an unmodified structural protein, called tubulin, in lipid rafts — fatty sections of a cell membrane — compared with non-depressed individuals.

Thus, this research is a clear cut case of the reciprocal relationship between our mind and brain.

Yes, by continuous meditation and contemplation of certain truth-statements, brain cells do indeed change but the rate of change depends on our mental work plus how deep brain cells have embedded impressions of past in their structures, which survive in the domain of neuroscience now.

And here to wrap up - Living in the moment means dying of the mental and physiological past as well.


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