Connecting our mind to our heart

When you do the rightful thing and the heart agrees with you and mind is not rebelling and going with it, your mind and heart are in sync. But when the heart says, don’t do this and the mind says, you have to do it, then there is a discord between mind and heart. When heart and mind both are in sync, it forms an eclipse of conscience.

This sync of mind and heart is not dependent on number of days of your spiritual practice. If you try to boil water at 60-degree temperature for 24 hours and 24 months and 24 years, it will never boil, isn’t it?

With mind also, one has to reach that critical point. Unfortunately, our mind and its thought processes are not like water. Water has a consistent quality but our mind’s quality changes every moment. There are moments when you become thoughtless, just like that in five minutes of meditation.

There are times when the mind is not the same. You have problems, anxiety, stress; you have something to worry about. Then in that meditation, you will not be able to go deeper and since you cannot go deeper you cannot become thoughtless.

So, it depends on how heavy is my consciousness, or how lighter is my consciousness. If you were to boil alcohol, it will boil at a very low temperature; if you were to boil castor oil, it will require a higher temperatures. We don’t know which consistency of our consciousness boils for zero thoughts to arise. It is the same person with different consciousness every single day, every single moment. It cannot be predicted how long it will take for us to become thoughtless.

Today you can be thoughtless, God knows after ten years you may not be thoughtless.

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